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Thomas Schirrmacher resigns as general secretary of the WEA

He is stepping down due to health reasons. The World Evangelical Alliance International Council unanimously accepted the resignation effective immediately.

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Thomas Schirrmacher. / [link]Thomas Schirrmacher website[/link]

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) announced this Monday, 1 April, the resignation of its general secretary, Thomas Schirrmacher, due to health reasons.

“For many months, the WEA International Council has realized that Dr Schirrmacher was struggling with health concerns as a result of long COVID, which was particularly concerning in light of his heavy responsibilities as secretary general”, they say in statement.

The evangelical entity wishes him “a full and speedy recovery and pray for God’s healing hand upon him to continue his significant global ministry”.


Interim period

The International Council, which accepted the resignation “unanimously”, now opens an “an interim period not exceeding six months during which the chair of the International Council, Goodwill Shana, will act as executive chair overseeing the current team of two deputy secretaries general”.

That team, “will ensure stability, continuity and forward movement in the general operations and relationships that the WEA is engaged in”.

During this interim period, the Human Resources Committee of the International Council will begin a general review process of the Office of the secretary general, which will lead to a required selection process for an incumbent secretary general/CEO.

They ask for “the prayers and support of the WEA family and friends to navigate the road ahead with God’s direction, wisdom and grace”.


Long career at the WEA

The WEA stresses that Schirrmacher “has had a long productive relationship with the WEA, its national members and commissions”, during his three decades in the WEA, serving as chairman of its Theological Commission and as associate secretary general for Theological Concerns.

“His erudite writings reinforcing biblical truth have been an encouragement to many”, points out the statement.

“He has also for many years been a prominent defender of those who were persecuted for their faith. This has been a mission of the WEA for the past 178 years, since 1846. We trust that he will continue to be a strong advocate for religious freedom”, they add.

His time as secretary general began in February 2021, when Schirrmacher took over from Efraim Tendero.

In these three years, the WEA has continued its work in several areas, especially the defence of persecuted Christians through its institutional presence at the UN and other international forums; a greater impact on the global problem of climate and global economic development, the promotion of initiatives for theological reflection, and an active participation in ecumenical events that have generated controversy in the evangelical sphere.


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