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The chosen few

There is no other mediator, no other system by which to reach God except through Jesus.

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Baskeball player Allan Houston . / Twitter @nyknicks

Only a select few can say theyhave won an Olympic gold medal. ALLAN HOUSTON did, as a member of the US basketball team in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

In an interview Allan said “Winning the gold medal is important, but nothing is as vital as knowing I have a relationship with God and following him daily.

The chosen few. That phrase is so true when applied to our spiritual life! Everyone thinks they will be saved. From the dawn of mankind, people have made up all kinds of religions and beliefs to reach God.

Since the world began, thousands of  “suppositions” have been invented in order to relate to him. Everyone thinks they'll be saved.

But God himself has scuttled all religions, beliefs and suppositions. Some do all they can to enter into the Kingdom of God, without realising that his system is different.

All the world's religions are but mankind's desperate attempts to reach God. That's why God himself became a man in the person of Jesus Christ, to save the world.

The Lord Jesus said that we must enter “through the narrow gate”. Forget that saying: “All roads lead to God”.

No, God established one way to him in Jesus. There is no other mediator, no other system by which to reach God except through Jesus.

That's how you can distinguish between true faith in God and the world's religions and cults. None of them accepts God's way of salvation. None accepts salvation in Jesus; they all add something or ask us to do something, one way or another.

They all leave you with the same doubts you had before you believed in anything.

You don't have to follow the crowd. You can be a winner by obeying God and entering through the narrow gate.




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