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Turn back

If we turn back, we will never be anything, neither will we help others, much less serve God.

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Cameroon won 1-0 against Argentina in Italy World Cup 1990. / Photo [link]Medium[/link], distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

One could say that it was one of the most famous sentences during the whole Football World Cup in Italy in 1990.

It was said by the coach of the CAMEROON team, just hours before the beginning of the game against the cup holders, Argentina.

Whoever has more courage in their eyes will come out of this game victorious”, and it really happened. The result? Cameroon won 1-0.

We all know that many sportsmen have everything, technically speaking. But still they may not be able to win. They may lack courage.

We all know people in this life who have all the opportunities to do what is necessary but they turn back every time they come up against difficulties.

They, or we too, are like the children of Ephrain, who were “well equipped, but they turned back”.

This is the way to lose everything. In sport, in life, or in the spiritual field. If we turn back, we will never be anything, neither will we help others, much less serve God.

We are in a spiritual war against evil and there is no place for moaners or cowards. There is no place for those who are discouraged and who discourage others, because the one that turns back is not only defeated, but also contributes to the defeat of their friends.

Let me ask you a question: how do you see yourself? Victorious or defeated?

Difficult situations, temptations, jeers, difficult decisions, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, fights against wrong, personal relationships, hard and difficult tasks,, are you well equipped  for all this or do you turn back?

If you are defeated by life, think of a couple of things: first, you are cheating God as well as yourself, because you cannot turn back when He says to follow Him, because He was NEVER conquered.

In the second place, you are giving a bad example to your friends. It is better that you don't play at all, if you cannot help being afraid.

We should not turn back in the face of seemingly impossible difficulty. God takes charge of solving impossible problems. Never let it be said of us, “Well prepared, but turned back”.




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