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Nothing is more important than for us to set aside the best that we have for the Lord.

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American skater, Nancy Kerrigan. / [link]Wikimedia[/link]

A relatively short time ago a story popped up in the press related to an excellent skater, NANCY KERRIGAN and another who was jealous of her.

What caught my attention is that Nancy's mother is blind, but she nevertheless follows closely her daughter's performances. What a true vocation for the two, the daughter in sport, and the mother in her affection towards her.

When a person has been called to be something, they don't mind paying the price. The sportsperson does not think about the sacrifice, although it is true that while others are having fun, sports people spend hours training.

They even have to say no to some meals, no to things normally allowed, no to moments of leisure. They do everything to "live worthy of their vocation".

God has called us to a superior vocation. Independently of what we are in life, if we are children of God, we must live according to that vocation. It is a most important calling, even unique: God has called each of us to serve him and to help others.

This vocation requires us to take care of ourselves properly, inside and out. We must imitate him who is our Father. We must fight against everything inside us which would prevent us from walking as one who is worthy: pride, envy, jealousy, evil thoughts, things of the flesh, bad habits, lies and similar things which destroy us and put us in bad shape. We cannot win with all this inside.

In the same way, our calling demands an outer cleansing – disciplined behaviour. Like a good sports person, there are things that can destroy us and they prevent us fighting our way to the top. We must walk as one who is worthy of our vocation.

Nothing is more important than for us to set aside the best that we have for the Lord. All our strength, our spirit, our discipline, our care, the way we behave... it is for God. No calling is more important! The service of God is a "super league”.




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