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Under pressure

Nothing can compare to the security of our relationship with him and the peace that he puts in our hearts.

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JOAO LEITE was one of the founders of the group

JOAO LEITE was one of the founders of the group "Athletes of Christ" in Brazil. He became famous in his country for wearing a small slogan on his jumper whenever he played matches. This inscription said: CHRIST SAVES.

Soon, all the journalists asked Joao the reason for this, because at the time he was the best football goalkeeper in all of Brazil. Joao made the most of that moment to explain what God had done in his life.

Many said that it wasn't legal to wear any slogan, so the Federation of Football had a meeting to decide that Joao Leite could not wear anything on his playing jumper.

On the first day of the prohibition, all the journalists asked Joao "What do you think about the fact that you can't wear the inscription "Christ Saves?" JOAO answered: "They can take Christ off my jumper, but nobody can take him out of my heart."

As children of God we are very special. We have learned to live in this world, but really we belong in a superior sphere. God is the most important thing for us, and for this reason we are proud to wear his name before all people.

Our love for God is the most important thing in life. Nothing can compare to the security of our relationship with him and the peace that he puts in our hearts.

We often feel pressured by what is around us, just because we are Christians. Sometimes people laugh and make jokes about us, but they do not understand that we are different.

At other times they pay point at us while commenting amongst themselves what they have heard about us. It's even possible that some don't want to be seen with us because of what others have told them...

Yes, it's difficult to be different. Sometimes the price we have to pay for being unique is very high.

Even so, how many times have we asked the same question? Is what they say correct? Is what they all do correct?... No! It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to realise that our world is walking toward chaos.

To go where everyone else goes means to be lost! To do what everybody else does means to be useless! We are unique! And it doesn't matter what the rest say! Our life is worth it! God has shown us how to live "from victory to victory".

They can laugh at us, they can take away what we have, they can point us out as strange... but they can't separate us from God!

We live in the shadow of a name that is above every name: JESUS. And in that name we can bear all the pressures, all the jokes, all the comments, and all the difficulties. We are proud to wear that name!




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