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Jaime Fernandez

Lose time

When we want everything to finish quickly, it's because we are afraid of losing our victory in the last moments.

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Official World Cup 1990 ball./ Wikimedia Commons.

The 1990 Football World Cup in Italy was one of the most boring sporting events in recent memory - anyone who watched it will remember it well.

A great part of the problem was the tactics used by some teams whose only goal was to kill time, in other words to defend, contain, let the minutes pass, destroy the game... and to make sure they got to the end of each game without the opposing team scoring.

Then, at least there would be a chance of qualifying on penalties. Many teams follow a similar tactic. Especially towards the end of their games, where the winning team finds a thousand and one reasons to waste time.

Players injure themselves in the last minutes. It is a time to put the ball out of play. They all decide that the goalkeeper has not played much and they give him the ball in the last minutes...

It seems everything is allowed as long as you waste time. We forget that when we waste time it is only because of fear. When we go on the defensive, we make ourselves scared and become cowards.

When we want everything to finish quickly, it's because we are afraid of losing our victory in the last moments. It's the same in life!

We haven't learned to make the most of our time for fear of what everybody may say, fear of being pointed out as different, fear that others will laugh at what we are doing...

God tells us in his word that we must make the most of time: above all when we are young and have all our strength. How many are sorry for the time they have wasted once they can no longer do anything!

How many say: if only I could turn the clock back! Unfortunately, being sorry about it doesn't help at all.

The only thing that helps is to make the most of the time we have now If we carry on feeling sorry for the past, or dreaming of the future... our present will also escape from us!

When we wait for time to pass, when we get bored and don't know what to do, when we are wasting time, we become scared and cowardly.

God says that we should make the most of the days we have; that we must dedicate our lives to serving him.

There is no better objective in life than to hope to hear God say, "I remember the devotion of your youth”.




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