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Jaime Fernandez

It is not fair

God had the first word and, rest assured, He'll have the last.

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Regie Lewis was the Boston Celtics key player in the 90's. / Wikimedia Commons.

REGGIE LEWIS was the Boston Celtics key player in the 90's. Not just because he was the captain, but also because it was thought that the team's rebuilding, after a drop in form, could be based around his skill.

But he died at the age of 27... and very few understood why this much-liked young Christian was struck by a fatal illness.

So often it happens that things just don't seem fair to us, and we'd love to do something about it, if we could. But it seems the only thing we can do is shout out: 'It's not fair!

That shouldn't be!' We come across this everywhere: at work, at school, in politics, in society as a whole... and we often end up saying, 'God will make someone pay for this'.

And that's the way it is; God sees and knows everything. He knows when we're taken for a ride, when we're slandered, when we're hounded.

God knows how many little dictators there are in the world who live and behave according to their whims. He knows about the injustices in this world, each and every one of them.

God had the first word and, rest assured, He'll have the last. Never forget this: no injustice will be unresolved, nor will any evil- doer get off scot-free. No-one, but no-one, will escape God's great judgment.

When Daniel's three friends were unfairly picked out and sentenced to death, they didn't complain.They said, 'God 'll sort this out fo rus.' Perhaps we'd say the same.

But what about the second bit? 'And if He doesn't sort it out the way we're thinking, we'll still obey and trust only Him.' Surely there's no greater lesson in trust than this.

We can easily believe that God, in his justice, will sort everything out one day; but it's much harder to take the next step and say, 'I'll trust him even if he doesn't sort it out now.'

It could be that we feel we're on the losing team right now, because of some injustice. There's no better time than the present to put our trust in God to the test.

Our message to the world out there is simple: God knows all about it and make no mistake that His justice will prevail, so in the meantime my trust is in Him because He is the one who can set me free!




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