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Jaime Fernandez

A goal

Only by the power of God will you manage to get what you have set out to do.

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Harry Reynolds. /Twitter Harry Reynolds

One of the longest-standing world records in the history of athletics was Lee Evans' 400m world record in Mexico 1968: 43.85 seconds. A boy who was just starting to race put up a poster in his room with those figures: 43.85.

He dreamt and trained every day in order to break that record, until after several years he managed to do so. He was HARRY REYNOLDS.

You cannot get anywhere in life if you do not have a goal. If you let the days go by without any aim, nowhere to go, then life is running through your fingers without you even noticing.

Life is not a rest area. If God saved you, it is not for you to believe that everything has been done and you can live out your days saved, holy and satisfied. That is a very selfish motivation, and of course, against God's will.

There are lots of battles to win, lots of goals to achieve, lots of sins to overcome, lots of difficult situations you need to go through, temptations where you have to come out victorious.

They are all part of your own learning process and they all help you to grow up as a person, as a son or daughter of God. All these situations will teach you to be more like the Lord Jesus.

Just think for a moment of a person you would like to know the Lord. Or think of a difficult situation that you believe nobody will be able to solve. Remember a dream that God put in your life and you abandoned when it was impossible to fulfill.

Do not think it is too late; do not think it is not worthy to get that goal fulfilled. Pray and struggle to make it happen. Trust in God and he will do it. Remember those two lines in the song:

"My trust does not grow when I clench my fists,

I have learnt to trust, to be free, by his strength..."

Only by the power of God will you manage to get what you have set out to do. Think about your objectives, and mark them very clearly. Think about what you are going to pray and work for. Write it down somewhere!

That will help you to give thanks to God for what he is doing in your life. Do not think it is too difficult for him. Trust in him and he will do it.




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