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Jaime Fernandez

Glorious creation

Everything man puts his mind to doing, no matter how good it is, cannot be compared to the wonders created by God.

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Sydney 2000 opening ceremony. / Reuters

There are not many occasions when the Olympic torch has undergone so many incidents as on its journey to Sydney.

One of the relay runners mistook the way and got lost. At another point someone tried to steal it and the police had to get involved. It was carried under water - although that was planned.

But the most serious thing was when one of the relay runners died while carrying it: he was 70 years old and he was a famous athlete, but he could not stand the effort. It was quite a slapdash organisation, which contrasted with how well organised the actual Olympic Games were.

The truth is that everything man puts his mind to doing, no matter how good it is, cannot be compared to the wonders created by God.

Our universe is a concrete demonstration of the perfection of our creator, even in thesmall details. We only need a few examples to recognise the wisdom of God. -During a year the earth turns 365 times on its axis, and also travels around the sun.

If it did this only a couple of times less life would be impossible. The pressure of the air is precisely that which enables us to survive, just like the average temperature: if the average temperatures were just 3 or 4 degrees hotter it would kill all the living beings. The laws that regulate the functioning of the universe are exact and they do not allow variations.

They are those that give us security. And what can we say of the human body? The perfection of all our organs is such, that experts have spent hundreds of years studying the body, only to understand some of its characteristics: how much more complicated to understand each one of its movements!

Think about our eyes for a moment, a perfect camera in a very reduced space, with the capacity to focus simultaneously, to see everything in its exact dimension and in its exact depth.

Or our ears, capable of distinguishing more than 200,000 different sounds; our mind, whose intellectual activity is infinite and whose capacity for organising our actions exceeds a million signals per second; our heart, that pumps blood to the body with a continued rate for more than 70 or 80 years.

Thousands and thousands of body organs that show the care and the love that God has for us. Thousands and thousands of signs of the wisdom of God the Creator.

Nobody has the right to deny the existence of God, because his own body exposes his error. His own land proves him wrong. His organs "shout" that God is good and that he is our Creator.

We need to learn to be thankful: to thank God for the land where we were born. This was Galicia in my case, a land of incomparable beauty.

We must thank God for Nature, for other people, each of the parts of our body; and give thanks to God for who he is.

If nobody else has been able to create such pretty things... nobody can beas wonderful as he is.




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