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Dented but champion

Each day that goes by God's children are closer to  glory, to heaven, and to God's presence.

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Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya in Rallye San Remo 1990. / [link] Alessandro Morandi[/link], Flickr CC.

CARLOS SAINZ and LUIS MOYA were the world rallying champions in 1990.

In the last race (San Remo), which they had to win in order to lift the trophy, their car overturned and was seriously damaged. Very quickly, the mechanics examined the inside and realised that the engine was intact.

Carlos and Luis continued on their way (with the car looking like rubbish) until they arrived at the finish, and were proclaimed World Champions.

God's children are an odd species on the inside. They are beings who, as the years go by, feel better and better, and their inner being is renewed each day.

What is most important is their ultimate aim, because they know they will live forever. God does not age, neither does he suffer ailments, nor any of the problems of old age.

Each day that goes by we are closer to our glory. Each day that goes by we are closer to heaven, and to God's presence.

The only thing that is a bit difficult is the physical journey until we get there. There are often dents and mechanical faults, the bodywork gets old, there may be corrosion on the outside, but all these things do not prevent us from arriving at the finish.

Maybe the biggest problems are ourselves, because when the years start to weigh on us, we slow down and think that it is better not to move very much.

We forget that physical problems do not matter. The important thing is what is inside. If our bodywork is worn out by the hundreds of battles in which we have fought, it does not matter.

What is important is the inside. I don't know how many old people will be reading this devotional, but I would like to ask them a question: do you feel that your inner being is renewed each day?

We don't have any excuse. Even history demonstrates that no one need retire. Michelangelo painted 'The Final Judgment' in the Sistine Chapel when he was more than 60. Verdi composed his opera 'Othello' when he was 74. Cervantes wrote 'Don Quixote' when he was 67.

They may not have thought about renewing their inner being each day. But we can.

So, stop complaining, thatis enough! Although you may look like rubbish on the outside, your inside is younger than yesterday and less so than tomorrow.

Each day counts in your favour, don't forget that. We have to arrive at the finish whatever happens. Do not lie down and wait for it.




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