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At any cost

Looking for God's will always carries with it the condition of obeying Him at any cost.

FINISH LINE AUTOR 17/Jaime_Fernandez 17 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2023 17:00 h
Ayrton Senna at Interlagos / [link] Instituto Ayrton Senna[/link], Wikimedia commons.

He was the fastest driver of all time. He held the world record of the number of kilometers in first position in all races during all the seasons of Formula One.

Four times world champion, AYRTON SENNA was always outstanding for his challenging driving 'at any cost', and for his constant testimony of his personal relationship with God. During the year 1994 he died after a head-on crash with a wall in a circuit, which was due to a mechanical problem.

Sometimes the people who surround us put too much pressure on us. We decide things, not because of what we think, but because of what other people think and say. We are worried about being judged, about being made fun of, about being accused of behaving in such and such a way.

It is as if those who are watching us were our own particular 'Damocles' sword'.

Thousands of sportspeople go through the same situation. They are constantly worried about what people say, what journalists write, what the board of directors will think, and that can be reflected in their performance. Worry was never good company.

Everyone who believes in God has a different perspective on things. That does not mean that it doesn't bother us what people say, but we do everything for God's glory and that makes a great difference.

When people put pressure on us, we look upwards. When we are criticised, we look upwards. God asks the best from us, and we give him the best, whatever happens 'down here'.

Tha i's why our main concern is doing his will and not bothering about anything else.

It may be that when we are doing what God expects of us, some people turn against us. That's quite normal! When we decide to find out what God wants, enemies will appear.

Looking for God's will always carries with it the condition of obeying him at any cost.

We will experience just one characteristic when we decide to follow him: love. If, in all circumstances, we show our love for God, we are going in the right direction.

If, in any situation, our love for him remains constant even when everything else wavers, that is proof that we are following him.

Yes, whatever others say or do, the most important thing for us is not to stop loving God... I think we're learning to follow him at any cost.




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