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Jaime Fernandez

Self sufficient

Do you still think you are self-sufficient?

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Lynette Woodard

LYNETTE WOODARD will always be remembered for being a great basketball player (playing in some of the best American and Italian teams) and she was also the first woman who played with the Globetrotters, the team we all saw when we were children, which turned basketball into an entertainment.

The Globetrotters only play friendly games, so it would be difficult to picture a game like theirs in a normal league. In many ways they are completely self-sufficient. However, in a spiritual sense, humanity seems to think it is more than selfsufficient. "We do not need anybody, we know how to manage on our own."

And we know how to lose on our own too. Even though we are on the edge of chaos, we would rather live on our own. But we'd rather nobody gave us advice, and even less that they rule over us! Yes, we think we are self-sufficient.

This is our great mistake, the greatest error of history. Nobody is selfsufficient. Nobody was born by themselves. Nobody can grow on their own. If someone does not take care of us we die.

Nobody can live on their own, even if you go to the ends of the earth, even there you need things that God has created to feed you. You are not self-sufficient, not you, not anybody.

Many people know this, but they do not want to recognise it in their own life. Many know that their lives do not have any meaning (maybe even you yourself?) But they prefer to continue to live like this. It is curious, man is the only being who, the more lost he is the faster he runs.

It has happened to all of us; when we lose our way, we try to run faster to see if we can manage to find the way again. We are so stupid! We believe ourselves to be selfsufficient.

And all because we do not want to recognise that we are lost. When God speaks personally to some of the churches in the book of Revelation (chapters 2 and 3) he says several things that can be applied in some way to the people of today: "You have the name of a living person, but you are dead."

With only the name we cannot win. No matter how smart we think we are. No matter how self-sufficient we think we are... we believe we are alive, but in truth we are "the living dead", lost and each time help is harder to find, because we think we are self-sufficient.

If we are now living tired, discouraged, and lonely lives... what will it be like when it gets really difficult? Not only on this earth, but also after death. I do not know even one self-sufficient dead man.

Many of us have trusted God before the end comes. Many of us have recognised our spiritual impotency and we depend solely and exclusively on God. And you? Do you still think you are self-sufficient?




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