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Jaime Fernández 

A winner

A winner lives by his character, but that is not enough: he has to add training, concentration and physical condition to play in a team.

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Willis Reed

One of the most exciting basketball games in recent history was the NBA final (1970) between the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers. In the seventh game, the key player of New York, WILLIS REED was injured (he was the only one that could mark the best centre of the time - Chamberlain), but still he went out to play, dragging his leg (since he could not run) and he scored the first two points of the game.

He could not do anything else, but he gave his team the image of a victorious team... the Lakers' players were dismayed when they saw Willis come on to the court at the beginning of the game.

A winner lives by his character, but that is not enough: he has to add training, concentration and physical condition to play in a team. All these qualities are as, or perhaps even more, important than the physical ability of the sportsperson. A winner has to be created, although the qualities can help a lot.

In the Bible God speaks about another winning team: they are the "winners of souls". Those who are able to rescue people out of places of destruction and slavery where they are captive. Those who carry the message of the love of God to all the corners of the earth. Those who can give life to others through what God has done in them.

How can you be a soul winner? How can you be a bearer of good news? Here we have the secrets of the training:

1. Concentration: to seek the face of God. To see him and learn to worship him. The time we spend alone with him in prayer is very necessary.

2. A good physical condition: we have to be clean before God, with no hidden or occult sins. To have good "spiritual breathing"; to exhale and confess sin, to inhale and receive God's forgiveness.

3. Good foundations: to know what the word of God says. To utilise the "biblical foundations" better each time.

4. Team sports: cooperation with all the rest of our brothers in Christ.

5. Obedience to the coach: obedience to the Lord in all things. Dependence on the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit in the opportunities that we have to speak to others about the gospel.

6. Good equipment: the full armour mentioned in Ephesians chapter six. With all this, you are ready to be a winner! You are ready to take the good news to many! Now, GO WIN!




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