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Will Graham

Todd Friel: There is no Salvation without Repentance

Will Graham caught up with Todd Friel to talk ministry, evangelism, repentance and much more.

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Greetings brothers and sisters!

This week on Fresh Breeze we are with one of America’s best-loved Evangelical radio and television hosts, Todd Friel.

Since 2005, Friel has been dedicated to the ministry at with a strong desire for the conversion of unbelievers and the growth of saints through the study of the Word. Wretched aims at producing Christian radio and TV material that is biblical, conservative and entertaining.

Let’s move on to the interview.

Will Graham (WG): Could you tell us a little bit about yourself to kick off, Brother Todd?

Todd Friel (TF): Having studied to be a pastor without actually being a Christian (it happens more than you think), I decided to not become a minister. Instead, I sought every worldly vanity. Along the way, I did stand-up comedy, local radio and TV. Graciously God saved me and now He allows me to combine pastoral training with TV, radio and comedy. Thanks to the incredible people I get to work with, my primary focus is: creating and delivering show content. In other words, all I do is study, think, talk and write.

WG: Sounds great! What is the vision of Wretched, Brother Todd?

TF: We are too busy counting all of the money we steal from people. Wait, sorry, that is Benny Hinn’s ministry.

WG: (Laughter)

TF: Our focus is three-fold: preach the gospel, equip the saints to preach the gospel and apply theology to their lives. We are not the deep end of the theological pool, we just try to find people and let them know there is water. Once they jump in, we lead them to ministries and churches that are the deep end of the theological pool. We are just a tool to support the local church.

WG: And why do you think Wretched’s ministry is so necessary in our days?

TF: Many years ago, God taught me through experience that nobody reaches everybody; and nobody is necessary. That includes me.

WG: Wow! Good answer. Brother, who are some of your heroes and why?

TF: That is easy! Local ministers who faithfully shepherd the flocks for years. That would include men like John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Steve Lawson, Ray Comfort, etc.

WG: If you could name five or six of the books that have most blessed you over the years, which would they be?

TF: Grasping God’s Word by Duvall and Hayes made hermeneutics easy. Most of the Puritan writers are treasures. Thomas Watson, William Gurnall and J.C. Ryle are some of my favourites. John MacArthur’s The Gospel According to Jesus was a cool drink of water. Ray Comfort’s God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life changed the way I talk to people forever. Just for yuks, Randy Alcorn’s Safely Home is terrific fiction that made me ball my eyes out. A lot.

WG: Thanks for the list. I’ve never heard of Alcorn’s book. Moving on, how would you evaluate the contemporary Evangelical world in the States?

TF: There are many very fine, faithful shepherds in the fields. Unfortunately, the majority of Evangelical churches are silly-centres, with boys pretending to be men in the pulpit. I wrote an entire book about this, Judge Not.

Perhaps this is helpful: a successful presidential candidate in the US will establish offices in each state. If a candidate has ten outposts per state, that person is likely to win. There are 350,000 Protestant Churches in America. Our national anthem should be, ‘A Mighty Fortress is our God’. Instead, our nation is literally crumbling morally. Why? Most churches aren’t true churches.

A culture reflects the dominant ‘cult’ in society. Hands down the most influential entity in America is the local Protestant church. So why is America crumbling? She is simply following the church, which crumbled years ago.

WG: That’s sad to hear. What do you think are some of the most dangerous teachings on display today in the American scene and beyond?

TF: Hands down, the greatest concern for the global church is the New Apostolic Reformation Movement. There are 369 million adherents to this aberrant form of Christianity. It is led by the music of Jesus Culture and Hillsong. Every parent should be aware of this and snatch their children out of this theological mess.

WG: Why do you think ‘repentance’ has pretty much disappeared from modern-day preaching?

TF: Before forsaking repentance, we forsook other things. The seeker sensitive movement decided the best way to grow the church is to go door to door and ask unbelievers what it would take for them to go to church. The pagans answered: no hell, no holiness, no judgment, no wrath. We obliged, and once we did, it didn’t take long for the church to forsake the preaching of the law and repentance. It simply isn’t seeker friendly. That is a shame because without repentance, a person will not be saved.

WG: As the prophets of old, those who stand upon the Word are often attacked and despised. Over the years you yourself have taken many strong public stands upon Scripture. How do you deal with the criticism that comes your way from unbelievers and lukewarm believers?

TF: Well, I haven’t been thrown in a well….yet. When we remember that antagonistic people are not the enemy, but they are the victim of the enemy, then a gentle response is easy. Yeah, some people say bad things about me, but Jesus was beaten, tortured and crucified. I have nothing to complain about.

WG: Amen. What about the future, Todd? Do you believe revival is likely or are we past the point of no return?

TF: If I answered that, then I would have to join the New Apostolic Reformation Movement. I am not a prophet, so I couldn’t possibly know. But here is something to ponder: what if Jesus waits to return for 50,000 more years? We would be considered the early church.

 WG: How can we pray for you, Brother?

TF: On your knees with your hands folded is fine.

WG: (Laughter)

TF: Wait, that isn’t what you meant. Pray for faithfulness, that we would never, ever do anything that would bring shame to the name of Jesus.

WG: Praise God. What a great request. We know you’re a busy man so just before you go, if you could give a piece of advice to our younger readers, what would you say to them?

TF: Race to maturity and act dignified. Put away childish things. Grow up. Play the man. Be godly. Don’t have foolish friends. Memorize as many Bible verses as you can before you can’t memorize anything.

WG: Great stuff, Brother Todd. Thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today. May the Lord continue blessing you.




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