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The minor leagues

God wants us to reach everyone with the gospel, and you are responsible for those around you.

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Rydr Cup 2018. / [link]Cutkiller2018[/link], Wikimedia Commons.

Every second year the European and USA golf teams meet for the Ryder Cup.

The European team has always had very good players, like Seve Ballesteros, Jose Maria Olazábal, Sergio García, Sam Torrance, Ian Woosnam, Nick Faldo, Bernhard Langer.

The Americans also have great golfers on their side, such as Paul Azinger, Freddie Couples, Tom Kite, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.

All of them want to compete in the Ryder Cup. I doubt anyone would opt voluntarily for a lesser competition.

All of us want to occupy the best place, and that's not bad, if that is what God wants for us. But if we opt out of the place God has assigned for us, we 'condemn' a lot of people.

Let me explain. God wants us to reach EVERYONE with the gospel, and you are responsible for those around you.

Who will tell the uninformed about the love of God? Who will take the Good News to the poor, the blind, the culturally or socially disadvantaged? Who will bring the 'outsiders' to Jesus' feet? Who will tell them about God's love?

Millions of souls are lost each day. Who will come alongside to tell them about Jesus?

Lost, desperate people, grasping at straws: homosexuals, prostitutes, young people blinded by noise and idol-worship; who's going to tell them about Jesus?

Some are enslaved to drugs like heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. Who will tell them where to find life's greatest high? Who is going to teach them that whatever enslaves, also destroys?

Who is going to be there at the end of that final, deadly trip? Some are slaves of power, money, social ambition, or work. Who is going to tell them their lives are the one thing they must not lose?

Whois going to tell them about the gospel? Jesus didn't live like them, but He lived among them. Are we the Lord's disciples? If so, are we willing to join the minor leagues?




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