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My very best

We have all the things and more in Christ, but we live like wretched beggars.

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Eric Liddell. / [link][/link]

ERIC LIDDELL is one of the most admired sportsmen in history, for overcoming his humble beginnings, for his perseverance and his total dependence on God.

He died as a missionary in China. Very few people understood why, after winning several medals in the Paris Olympics, and when he was at the peak of his athletic ability, he chose to go and preach the gospel of Christ in another country. Eric knew who deserves the very best.

Sometimes we don't know what we already have.

People look for adventure, peace, happiness, affection, understanding, safety, etc. We have all those things and more in Christ, but we live like wretched beggars.

God has given us all the good things that we have and are. What do we give him in return?

Who would trade thousands of kilos of gold for a single gram of rubbish? We'd call that man a fool, and yet we do the same.

When we devote our time, strength, and commitment to trivial things and give God just a few minutes a week, isn't that foolish?

God deserves our very best! Why give him our leftovers?

I've heard it said again and again, 'It's all right, the Lord knows your good intentions.' Do you really think you can offer God just anything?

As a good father, He may indeed be easily pleased, but He certainly deserves everything you can give. Would you offer the government, or your loved ones, worthless rubbish?

I'm not going to argue with you; just let me say this. Our love can be measured by what we give.

You can't say that you love someone if you don't spend time with them, if you don't give them your best. You can say the same of your relationship with God.

You can't go around saying how much you love Him while you occupy your time with trash and refuse to listen to his voice.

You have one life to live. Think about what you're going to do with it.




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