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Not everything is as it starts

The power of God is sufficient to overcome any enemy, any temptation, any bad habit.

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The story of RUDY RUETTIGER is worth recording.

His greatest dream was always to play American football for Notre Dame, his favorite university, but the problem was that neither his school marks, nor his state of physical fitness were in his favour.

People said of him that dreams were not worth anything, but, if he had taken a 'dream-exam', he would have got an A+!

However, Rudy got a job as a groundsman, and he memorised all the trainers' orders every time he had the opportunity to watch his team practise.

In 1975, after a series of circumstances, Rudy played for a few moments with the university team, and he triumphed while his name was applauded. Sometimes dreams do come true; not all are impossible.

Maybe today you are confronting a similar situation. No, I'm not referring to being signed up for a great team (although it could be that, why not!), but to a difficult situation in your life.

Perhaps you had great hopes for your education, your work or maybe some area of your spiritual life, but now you feel defeated because things are not going as planned, not everything is as it started out to be.

God tells us that there is not enemy that can prevent us. Even more so if that enemy is us Maybe it is our own laziness, or our despondency... remember, "nothing can get in our way". Don't stop fighting! Not everything ends up as it starts.

God's power is the only way to overcome. Our major enemy is the devil who tries every possible way to make us lose heart and to fall. Don't let him win the contest of temptation. God will give you the power to overcome. Not everything is as it seems.

If you are tired, if you are losing heart because no one believes in you, if you feel it is not worth making the effort because you have failed so many times... get up! You have to carry on fighting!

There is no enemy that can stand in your way! Perhaps you have been held back by trusting in your own strength and not in the Lord's, but don't forget, not everything ends up as it starts.

The power of God is sufficient to overcome any enemy, any temptation, any bad habit and it is sufficient to conquer the problems we have with ourselves!

Never think that it is not worth trying again. With God's help you can carry on.

Not everything is as it starts.




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