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Another one for the collection

We have forgotten that we belong to God and not to ourselves.

FINISH LINE AUTOR 17/Jaime_Fernandez 03 DE OCTUBRE DE 2021 17:00 h
Lottie Dod. / [link]Scewing. Wikipedia[/link], CCO.

I imagine that for most of those who are reading this article, the 1908 London Olympic Games is a far-away story... but, in those games an English woman called LOTTIE DODD competed (and won) in archery.

She also won Wimbledon (tennis) five times, was a member of the English national golf team and a jockey. She was an extraordinary and unique woman.

When the prophet Elisha found himself in an impossible situation, he asked: "Where is the God of Elijah?"

He knew everything that Elijah had done in the name of God, and knew that the power of God worked through Elijah; that is why he claimed that power.

I believe that nowadays, circumstances have forced us to change the question and ask: Where are the Elijahs of God?

It seems that with each day that passes it is more difficult for God to find people who will fight, not be discouraged, challenge all the powers of evil and overcome all kinds of situations.

We have become specialists in excuses: we have reasons that excuse us from doing, from serving, from helping others... every time we have the opportunity of doing something for God, we find excuses.

I have put together a collection of more than 300 excuses that I have heard throughout the years, reasons given for not working for the Lord. You may know some of them: I am not good at this, I am very tired, I have a lot of work to do, I don't have time, I have to look after my family, I'll do it tomorrow, or next month.

And: I worked for a long time and nobody recognised me, There are a loads of hypocrites in church, They are no better than I am, I am not ready, My husband/wife doesn't want me to, My parents don't allow me to, I have to study, "They will say I am a fanatic, It is always the same people who do all the work, I will be ill if I don't get rest, I have to go to..., Send someone else.

We could put the whole list on the church doors so we could pick the ones that suit us best in each situation.

We are such FOOLS! We have forgotten that we belong to God and not to ourselves.

That all we are and all we have belongs to him. We hold no rights! Had he wished, we all would be lost!!!!

Where are the Elijah's of God? Are you one of them? I hope that you are not a specialist in excuses.




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