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In the world basketball championships in Spain in 1996, one man stood out above all the others, Tyrone Bogues. 

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tyrone bogues Muggsy Bogues.

In the world basketball championships in Spain in 1996, one man stood out above all the others, Tyrone bogues. To say that he 'stood out' is a metaphorical manner of speech because Tyrone measures 5 foot 2 inches, and is one of the smallest players in the history of world basketball. Not only was he capable of defending with skill against people who had the advantage of at least 16 inches over him (such as Petrovic and Valters), but he also became the playmaker of the Hornets, in the NBA. This man Bogues

was a real giant.

From our infancy we have all heard the story of David and Goliath - that David was a youngster and Goliath a giant almost 9 feet tall. We know that Goliath was killed by a stone from David's sling, and that David cut his head off with his own sword.

Let’s start from the beginning. It is probable that our fight is not against physical giants (or maybe it is if you are a basketball player!), but we can't deny the fact that there are many 'giants' before us. What is the giant that is mocking you at the moment? Who is the 'Goliath' who makes you take a step backwards? It could be loneliness, lack of understanding, doubts, depression, fear, de-motivation, evil, a specific sin, bad habits, temptation, economic difficulties, social or racial problems, physical difficulties, or satanic attacks. Whatever the giant that confronts you, remember that it is not only attacking you, but it is also in opposition to the Lord Almighty.

David had learnt that God is more powerful than any giant, and because of that he dared to challenge Goliath. "The Lord will deliver him into my hands," he said. Prepare to die! David also knew that God does not need a sword or spear to save, but would do it with his Holy Spirit. He said "I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty." We all know the ending of the story: there is no giant that can confront God and win. All will end up vanquished.

Very well then, all this took place around three thousand years ago; so what about today? Do you still fear the giants that challenge you? The Lord can deliver them into your hands! They should prepare to die! Never try to overcome them in your own strength, however, as you will not succeed. Pray to the Lord, and put the situation into his hands and then you will be able to proclaim 'I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty'. And the outcome of the battle is in the Lord's hands, so don't let it frighten you.




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