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‘Connected to God’: Aglow Spain holds its national conference

Over 800 women participated in person and the conference was also available online.

FUENTES Protestante Digital AUTOR 5/Evangelical_Focus TOLEDO 09 DE FEBRERO DE 2022 11:52 h
Aglow Spain held its National Conference 2022 in the Spanish city of Toledo.

Aglow Spain held its National Conference 2022 in the Spanish city of Toledo the last weekend of January and the first of February.

After a time of prayer and listening to the councillors, the National Board decided to face the challenge of holding a face to face conference with all the security measures.


‘Connected to God’

This year's guest speakers were Spanish preacher Itiel Arroyo, the president of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance Marcos Zapata, and his wife Ana Pérez. The theme of the conference was ‘Connected to God’.

Arroyo shared a series of messages that encouraged attendees to serve God out of love, and to understand that God's processes, which lead us to bring out our full potential, involve painful moments. He explained that just as a pearl is the fruit of suffering or a tree bears more fruit after being pruned, so God processes his children to bear much fruit.

His final talk focused on the parable of the 10 virgins, motivating the church to be prepared for the coming of Christ, understanding that the priority is not the lamp, but the oil, for a lamp without oil does not fulfil its purpose. He stressed that we need to cultivate a relationship of intimacy with God, so that our life fulfils its purpose.

Pérez spoke about Huldah, a woman connected to God, who, despite there were two prophets at the time, Zephaniah and Jeremiah, was consulted as a prophetess.

She put Huldah as an example that a woman connected to God is a woman who knows the Word of God, who does not bear the fruit of cowardice and who always has a word of hope.

Times of worship at the 2022 Aglow conference. / Photo: MGala

[photo_footer]  Times of worship at the 2022 Aglow conference. / Photo: MGala [/photo_footer]

On Sunday morning Zapata focused his talk on 2 Kings chapters 6 and 7, encouraging the women to accompany the knowledge of the Word with faith, to not give up and to believe God, not for Him to do something, but for God to say something, because whatever God says, it comes to pass. He told women to keep believing God in spite of the circumstances and to keep walking in what God has said.


Over 800 face to face participants

Ana Giménez, president of Aglow Spain, was in charge of welcoming the attendees, who numbered 350 women on the first weekend and over 500 on the second.

During the first weekend, the worship was led by Noemí Lorite and the second weekend by Miguel and Rosa, vocalists of the group Sal 150. Furthermore, on both weekends, the well-known Christian singer Marcos Martins gave a concert which delighted the attendees.

[photo_footer] Aglow Spain National Board.[/photo_footer] 

This year Aglow offered the participants 6 workshops: Inner healing (Marilyn Days); Baptism in the Holy Spirit (Rebecca Jacob); Suicide prevention (Anabel Álvarez); Youth (Itiel Arroyo); Women, equality and the Bible (Asun Quintana); and Children with special needs (Ana Domínguez).

Organisers also presented two videos, one showing the participants the history of Aglow and the Lord's faithfulness in all these years. and the second about the Aglow 2024 project, which aims to bring together 5000 women from all over Spain.

This year many women were unable to attend due to of the pandemic, so that for the first time the Aglow National Conference was also streamed live online.




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