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Passion of Jesus in the marriage relationship

Couples say that to maintain their marriage, they must add passion to their relationship, and that is true: the passion of Christ is essential.


Have you heard the question why do we hurt the ones we love the most? It seems that it is unavoidable, and hurting is also painful for the author of the offense, it causes sadness and anger. But these offenses to our closest ones, including wife or husband, can be managed so that the marriage relationship will be healthy and it continues its course of growth in love.

We probably know what it is to forgive, however, after doing it, it is necessary to heal the wounds that are engraved in our heart


Understanding the pain first

Pain comes from the Latin word “doloris” and it is the result or effect of something, usually an offense, which means that there is no pain without no action taken.  When something hurts us it is because we have not enough strength in our being to tolerate the action that generates pain.  

For example, when we do physical exercise and begin a routine, during the first days the body suffers, until we improve our physical condition, and then that pain disappears.


How do we exercise?

Offenses or actions in marriage relationship and generally in any relationship, can generate low self-esteem, resentment, illness, mistrust, vengeful thoughts, lack of commitment in the relationship, lack of vision about future goals, among others, and it is at this point in life when we know even more the Word of God and what it means Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.


The passion of Christ

Often, couples say that to maintain their marriage, they must add passion to their relationship and that is true, the passion of Christ is essential to give new air to our lives.

When we understand that someone already paid for our pain our afflictions, what about the pain? It simply diminishes or disappears, because it is not logical to maintain it when there is already a payment.

It is time to identify the important moments of the Passion of Christ, and his importance in our lives, in our marriage relationship, and as children of God:

• Prayer in Gethsemane (Luke 22: 44): Jesus sweated blood to show his humanity, and He suffered for what was to come, yet he remained in God's will. That shows us fidelity: by this gore, the curse of deception breaks.

• Beaten Jesus (Mark 15:15): By the blood of his body, because of the scourges, Jesus diseases and pain healed us.

• Crown of Thorns (Matthew 27: 29-31): In the blood of his coronation, renewed thoughts, ideas, intellectual freedom.

• Facial disfigurement (Isaiah 50: 5-7): Jesus currently low self-esteem, renews the strength, courage and acceptance.

• Nails on hands (John 20: 24-27): Here Jesus revives the gifts, anointing, unproductive defeat and despair.

• Nails in the feet, Jesus restores the direction and way of life.

• Wound in his side (John 19: 34-36): Here Jesus defeated the oppression of our emotions, it gives us a new heart.


How do we overcome pain?

Understanding and believing that we are sons of God, we must pray with intelligence, identifying in what moment Jesus took my sufferings with the blood that He shed. Our prayer is so effective, according to the faith we profess.

Milena Constanza Varón Roncancio, Jaime Alberto Garzón Barrios. Cadastral & Geodetics Engineers. Bogotá, Colombia





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