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Felix Nmecha: “Every time I go on the field, it is about glorifying God”

The German VfL Wolfsburg midfielder often shares his faith on social media and encourages his followers to know more about Jesus.

FUENTES Pro Medien Magazin AUTOR 5/Evangelical_Focus 28 DE ABRIL DE 2023 16:02 h
German footballer Felix Nmecha. / Instagram Felix Nmecha

The 22-year-old German professional footballer Felix Nmecha is very outspoken about his faith. He regularly shares how important the Bible is to him online.

On his Instagram profile biography, there is only one sentence: “Jesus is Lord” , followed by an emoji with a key. He also often encourages his followers to know more about Jesus.

Nmecha plays for VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga (the highest football league in Germany), along with his brother Lukas.

But the midfielder also made his debut for the German senior national team on 28 March, when they played against Belgium and lost 3-2.

“It's a great honour and a blessing to be called up to the national team for the first time. This is truly a moment I will never forget and I give all the glory to Jesus”, wrote the footballer on his Instagram.

In an interview for VfL Wolfsburg's YouTube channel, Nmecha said he was playing to honour God. “Every time I go on the field, it's not about me, it's about glorifying God”.

When asked if he had a special goal celebration, the player explains that he points first to himself and then to heaven. “I want to show that Jesus died for my sins, He washed away my sins”.


Controversial post

Last February, Nmecha drew media attention when he shared a video by US right-wing commentator and author Matt Walsh, where he responded to a father about his trans child's coming out story.

The midfielder made a comment on the video saying, “If we don't see what's wrong with this...” Many accused Nmecha of transphobia. He later clarified that he did not agree with everything Walsh said because he often mocks people, and that has nothing to do with love.

In his post, Nmecha added: “I continue to believe that the Bible is God's word and everyone finds their true identity in a relationship with Him, myself included. Take a step towards Jesus and you won't regret it”, followed by an emoji of praying hands.

“I'm not transphobic at all, I definitely don't hate anyone", he said in an recent interview with RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), where he also defended his Christian worldview and the Bible, which “it is my guide through life, the basis for truth”.

Asked if he would put on the rainbow captain's armband, Nmecha pointed out that he “would only do one thing: I would pray and ask what God wants me to do. I can't say now because I don't know. But I would definitely take a lot of time in prayer and then decide".




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