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Rodrygo, hero of the Champions League, praises God after victory

The Brazilian player of Real Madrid scored two last-minute goals for an epic comeback against Manchester City. “God, thank you for always taking care of me. I feel blessed”, he said after the match.

AUTOR 5/Evangelical_Focus MADRID 05 DE MAYO DE 2022 15:11 h
Rodrygo Goes speaks to the media after scoring two goals in the semi-final of the Champions League against Manchester City. / Real Madrid TV

Real Madrid’s striker Rodrygo Goes was the architect of the historic comeback against Manchester City in the second leg of the European Champions League semi-finals.

His two agonising goals in the 89th and 91st minutes forced the extra time of the most important football match of the season. A third goal of Karim Benzema put the Spanish team in the final of Paris.

Speaking to the media after the match, Rodrygo said: “I'm very, very happy, it's the happiest day of my life, I have no words to explain it. It was a very big emotion”. The hero of the game added he can’t find a rational explanation for what happened: “I can't explain, I don’t even have the words to explain what happened today. God looked at me and said: ‘Today is your day’. I’m very happy to take Madrid to where they have to be, which is in the Champions League final”.

Rodrygo is living his best moment in Madrid after scoring one of the goals in the 1-3 match against Chelsea in the quarter finals of the Champions league and being key in the comeback against Sevilla earlier in the Spanish La Liga – a game that helped seal the national league for Real.

He is also an international player for Brazil since 2019.


A Christian who thanks God

The Brazilian is a committed Christian, following the example of his parents Eric Batista and Denise. They raised Rodrygo on the principle of gratitude, good behaviour and simplicity. His mother said: “You have to thank God for everything you are living”.

At Real Madrid, the 21-year-old Rodrygo is a humble, hard-working, cheerful and respectful lad.

In his free time in Brazil he used to attend the services of Ricardo Oliveira, a former Betis and Valencia football, now an evangelical pastor in a church near his family home.

On social media, Rodrygo often mentions God and he always points to heaven after scoring a goal. After Wednesday's match, he said: “God, thank you for always taking care of me. I feel blessed”.

Last year, after Real Madrid’s, Champions League defeat to Chelsea, his father shared the verse from Psalm 30:5: “Weeping will last for a night, but joy will come in the morning”. Rodrygo now shared an image recalling that moment, with the caption “God never fails”.





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