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Jaime Fernández

Violence? No, thank you!

In the 60s, a conflict between Honduras and El Salvador started with a football match! Violence can multiply until the whole situation gets completely out of control.

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Football El Salvador's victory goal.

It was one of the many qualifying games for the 1970 Football World Cup; it was no more crucial than any other game, but unfortunately the fans at the match did not see it as such. As a result of the problems, the fighting and the violence of this confrontation, a war broke out between two countries.

Yes, you have read correctly: a war between Honduras and El Salvador started with a football match!

All violent processes start in a similar way: responding to threats. Intimidation is the first step towards violence. When someone issues a threat, they expect a reaction; then the person who feels threatened responds to, and seeks revenge against, the person who posed the threat. It is a simple but dangerous process because the response is always with a greater degree of violence than the original threat.

Because of this sequence of events, violence can multiply until the whole situation gets completely out of control. In such a case even people who did not participate in the original threat can feel intimidated, and respond with violence against others as well.

It is a sinful process and one that is impossible to stop, because everyone has in his own heart the root of violence, which is sin. It would be very easy to eradicate violence in sport, (in fact in life itself, including wars) if everyone had a 'clean' heart. The great problem is that sin reigns in this world due to the fact that it reigns first in our hearts.

Violence is an imposition of evil. Only miserable humans are capable of destroying, lying, ruining other people's lives, threatening and even killing when the situation is of no particular importance!

God teaches us that there is only one way out, and that is to not respond at all. It is that simple; 'your glory is to overlook an offence' is what God tells us. Ignoring the challenge of a threat, to refuse to respond, is something glorious! Disregarding an offence signifies cutting at the root of violence. It does not matter if others go away content, thinking that they have humiliated us! The greatest humiliation is to have your heart full of wickedness and violence.

Don't forget that everyone reveals what they have in their heart. We just need to follow the example of the Lord Jesus, who taught us to forgive unilaterally, even if the other person does not deserve it. Remember, in the face of whatever offence or threat, your glory is in refusing to respond!




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