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Jaime Fernández


God speaks to us through prayer. When we talk to him - seek to communicate with him, and to know him - we should listen too.

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The NBA draft that took place in 1986 was very curious: there were many people in the first round who had every kind of problem and who did not achieve what they were hoping for: LEN BIAS (drug problems, died at 22), CHRIS WASHBURN and ROY TARPLEY (drug problems as well). All the good players were chosen at the second round: MARK PRICE, HORNACECK, McMILLAN... Although it was said that there could be problems with university stars that year, many teams preferred not to pay attention to the warnings given, and let the best opportunities to choose go by.

Life tends to send us warnings from time to time. We are warned, through circumstances, that our time on earth is limited, when we notice our strength failing and our hair turning grey. We realise that something is not right when we are afflicted with pain. We receive warnings as obvious as the approach of black clouds that threaten to bring rain. Often we don't take heed of the warnings, and we act foolishly.

God speaks and advises us personally. He shows us the way we should go. He corrects us, disciplines us, sustains and encourages us. God converses with us... do we listen to him? It is possible that you are asking yourself; how can God speak directly to me? It is simple, God communicates through his word, the Bible, in which you will discover his character, his decisions, his promises and his way of working.... and all of this in a very personal manner. Don't forget that the Bible is God's word for you, and for everyone.

God speaks to us through prayer. When we talk to him - seek to communicate with him, and to know him - we should listen too. God can also speak to us through the advice and counsel of our family in the faith, and through the circumstances of life. He is the Lord of history, and nothing escapes from his hands.

When we are not open to hearing God's voice through any of these means, he may change us through discipline, and more so as we distance ourselves from him.

Are you listening to God? It could be that he is speaking to you about a particular situation in your life right now. Listen to his warnings.




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