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Do not tire tomorrow

Our confidence in God tells us that He will be by our side in the next struggle.

FINISH LINE AUTOR 17/Jaime_Fernandez 13 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 17:00 h
Wayne Rainey, in Japnese Grand Prix 1992./ [link]Wikimedia Commons[/link]

WAYNE RAINEY (USA) was one of the most important motor-cyclists of the 90s. After becoming champion of the world, he met with an accident that was to confine him to a wheelchair.

His explanation of the event has a lot to teach us: “Your head must go in front of the bike. At that moment, my head went at the same speed as the engine. That was the mistake”.

When we are tired, our minds cannot solve extreme situations, and that's when crises occur. Failure, fatigue, nervous tension... these are terms unfortunately all too familiar to us.

We feel broken and tired when we fail, and fall into a nervous crisis when we don't know what to do. In the same way that a sportsperson cannot accept failure, so we do not have to give up when something turns out bad.

Our confidence in God tells us that He will be by our side in the next struggle. And the next one. And the next one. It doesn't matter how often we fail, we must continue trying to succeed.

Remember this:

1. Thinking about tiredness produces more tiredness. The more tired you think you are (and you express it), the more tired you become.

2. Thinking only about oneself produces failure and fatigue. It is a demonstration of selfishness and, therefore, is sin.

3. Boredom produces fatigue. The fewer objectives you have in your life, the more sluggish you become. The more sluggish, the more bored, and the more tired you become.

4. Worrying produces fear. A famous African proverb says: "Don't tire tomorrow". If we worry today about the matters of tomorrow, we are living in fear, and that will lead us to tiredness. God says that tomorrow will be anxious for itself. We must rest in the Lord, and trust him.

5. It is impossible to eliminate failure from our life: we will always do incorrect things. Situations will always exist in which we will fail. The secret lies in being ready to try again: in not living obsessed with failure.

There is a passage in the Bible in which God asked a man to bathe himself SEVEN TIMES in the river. In the first six nothing happened, but God wanted him to do it so that he personally (and we also), learned the importance of returning to try again. The importance of obeying and trusting God. A failure is always short-lived.




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