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God laughs

I feel God’s presence intensely, right to my very fingertips! 

APPOINTMENT WITH GOD AUTOR 11/Alain_Auderset 16 DE AGOSTO DE 2020 19:00 h
Photo: Alain Auderset.

I'm slap bang in the middle of a Canadian forest. At my feet is the start of a small spring of water. Walking along the stream, I talk with God (that’s what we’re really into)..

The further I go, the bigger the river grows, just like my inner peace. Now it’s actually deafening waterfalls.

I stay above them, contemplative, positioned on a dead tree. Actually, where am I? Bah! God’s my home, so I’m never going to be lost, am I?

At the first sign of civilization, the river, like a startled animal, dives beneath the road.

Then, silence... I feel God’s presence intensely, right to my very fingertips! 

As I walk along the side of the road, a car slows up behind me, then speeds up suddenly, only to stop just as abruptly a hundred metres ahead.

Like kids stealing apples from some bedridden invalid armed with a spud gun, two guys of mature years get out hurriedly, carrying a stepladder to climb right away up onto a post.

The chubbier of the two hangs up a placard with a photograph of his own face, with a beatific smile! (looking like a real winner!) The boot of their car is filled with identical placards.

Oh boy! Having to stick your own picture on to trees to gain a bit of glory! And, right then - and you don’t have to believe me - I heard God laugh! And, hearing him, I had a laugh, too…




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