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Small mistake, big failure

Jack Lovelock was a great New Zealand sportsman, in 1936 an Olympic champion in Berlin in the 1500m.; he also graduated as a doctor from Oxford University.

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sportsman Jack Lovelock.

JACK LOVELOCK was a great New Zealand sportsman, in 1936 an Olympic champion in Berlin in the 1500m.; he also graduated as a doctor from Oxford University. Jack died in New York when he lost his balance on an underground platform and was crushed by a train. A small loss of equilibrium sadly cost this great man his life.

A small error can often lead to major failure; and on many occasions the cause of the little mistake can be a lack of humility. We believe that we are better than others, and we don't allow anyone to say otherwise! We don't like to take advice, and even less the people who give it! So then, when doubt arises we are sure we are in the right, and that's that! We are not willing to face up to our small mistakes.

But the wisdom of God leaves us in no doubt: "A little folly outweighs wisdom." How many times have we worked hard to do something well, put in a lot of preparation, studied diligently, and then suddenly we make a small mistake and the whole thing falls apart! How many errors have been made by people, down through history, because they trusted in appearances, and did not accept good advice! Did you take note of the Bible reading today? Abraham accepted God's word, while Lot preferred to choose the place that seemed the most attractive, although the inhabitants there would eventually ruin his life.

One more thing: one of the 'small' errors that can cause a lot of harm to many people is that of not keeping your word. Does that ring a bell? There are people who always say things like, "I'll bring it tomorrow, without fail," or, "Don't worry, it won't happen again, this time I really mean it," or, " I've already done it," or perhaps, "I've been really busy but I'll get it done this time"... and of course you never know when 'this time' will be...tomorrow, the day after or perhaps even next month. Few things say as much about a person as how seriously they take their promises. It is much better not to promise in the first place than to promise, and then not get round to keeping it. Every time we say we will do something, and then don't do it, we are lying and, consequently, sinning against.




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