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Jaime Fernandez

Defuse the bomb

Envy is the best friend of pride.

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Junihno Pernambucano. / Noticia al dia.

Since he began to play at Middlesbrough, he became one of the most admired players in the team. So much so that many think he will always be part of the team's history.

We are talking about the Brazilian JUNINHO, loved by every supporter and the pin-up of children who want to play as well as he does. How good it is to have someone to admire!

There is a great difference between learning alongside others, and trying to show that you can do better than them with all the pressure of having to be first - to feel superior.

When you admire someone and they become your friend, you are able to learn with them. By being with them you are automatically helped by them. You feel happy with what you receive and you know that you will receive more.

But if you are jealous of them, the peace in your heart disappears; you worry about what the other person will do and you take advantage of every opportunity to put them down and speak against them.

This creates anxiety because you feel that, at any moment, they will do the same to you.

Envy is the best friend of pride. You always think that you can do things better than the one you envy. This was the first error of Satan: he wanted to be like God and he thought himself better than God.

No-one can say that they are living in the will of God while they are envious of others, thinking themselves better, first, or more important.

Envy and pride destroy us because they are sins. The person who is hurt the most by envy is the envious person himself. The one who suffers the consequences of wanting to be first in everything, is the prideful person himself.

Don't worry about being first, the best or the most important. God loves you just as you are, so you don't need to envy anyone.




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