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Anointed by lemon

Did He put the eyes of faith into a few and drops of vinegar into the eyes of others? Come on! Why do some saints have faces as long as horses?

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What a joy to belong to God! I repeat: what a joy to belong to God! The Gospel is the Good News of salvation that sends all of the Lord’s children into constant bliss and delight. The saving news of Jesus is enough to turn the cemetery of any dead heart into a non-stop party of perpetual praise. Hallelujah!

So why is it that many believers grumble their way through life with sour faces, bitter expressions and unpleasant attitudes? Did God somehow opt to anoint some of His people with the joy of the Spirit and others with lemon? Did He put the eyes of faith into a few and drops of vinegar into the eyes of others? Come on! Why do some saints have faces as long as horses?

I am well aware that we all have trails and tests in life; but they are nothing compared to the glory that will one day be revealed in us. Obstacles are there. Of course they are. But they are there to be overcome by a robust confidence in the Almighty. God takes care of us. God looks after us. So where is the need to get so downtrodden and depressed about everything? Does not our heavenly Father feed the birds of the air and dress the fields with fragrant flowers? How much more, then, will He provide for our needs!

We Christians need a good dose of Holy Ghost joy in our soul and a happy rhythm in our step to show this world that Jesus has been ever so good to us. After all, what will our acquaintances find attractive about Christ if our testimony is as shallow as a snail’s swimming pool? Let’s liven up, saints! Let’s get the shine of eternity back on our cheeks and the gloss of glory upon our milky-white teeth! May our eyes dazzle again with the shining light of God-glorifying glee!

As the old adage goes, “If life gives you lemons; then make lemonade”. If life hasn’t been kind to us, we must remember that God has. We’ve got the Gospel! We’ve got eternal life! And best of all, we’ve got Jesus! So, who shall shout with elation first? You or me? Better yet, let’s bellow together: “To God be the glory, great things He has done!” 

So praise with joy, shout with joy and dance with joy! And when you’ve praised all you can, come on round to my place for a glass of soul-enriching lemonade...




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