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Journey into the unknown

However unknown the route may be that God has for you, He will help you through His Word.

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In the summer of 2001 all our family went by car to the South of France to visit some of the cities we had always wanted to see.

Our route included the Principality of Monaco, and one of the most emotional moments for me, was to drive our car through the same streets as those used for the annual Formula One race.

We asked ourselves time after time how it is possible to go so fast round such curves. I suppose that the drivers must have the chance to try out the course a good many times beforehand to get to know the layout of the track.

It is very difficult to drive at speed through an unknown route.

When we want to explain to people the things we know about God, we often do not know what their reply will be, or the questions that may follow. These times are unknown - like roads you have never driven on before.

It is the reason why God has said that we must be prepared to answer someone who asks the reason for our faith. Does this mean that from now on we must study all the possible objections that may crop up?

Of course not, that would be impossible.

The only way to be well prepared is to know God's word as well as possible. How? In a simple way... by learning verses.

Just think, by memorising a verse a day, which should only take around five minutes, by the end of 40 years you will know practically the whole Bible!

You might ask why it is so important to memorise God's word. I am going to mention a couple of things.

In all the trials, temptations, difficult situations, decision making, behaviour towards others, explanations of the gospel, helping others, relationships etc. God's Holy Spirit can bring the appropriate text to your mind because you have prepared beforehand, by storing them in your heart.

If you want other reasons, study Psalm 119, it is full of them.

How to memorise? It is also simple to do:

  1. Group verses together according to themes, and keep a file.

  2. Apply each of the verses to actual situations.

  3. Your objective is to learn ONE A DAY.

  4. Note down the verses through which God has spoken to you.

Do you feel fear, terror or panic when you have to speak to someone about the gospel? Do your legs tremble when you are in an unknown situation? Are you so weak that you feel you would fall into any temptation? Stop worrying!

The only thing you have to do is to be prepared beforehand. However unknown the route may be that God has for you, he will help you through his word.





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