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Learning from older people

Asked about what made his playing so great, Pete Sampras said: “I have always admired the old stars in tennis”.

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Photo: [link] Shinya Suzuki[/link], Flickr CC.

PETE SAMPRAS, at 19, was the youngest winner of the US Open. 

Asked about what made his playing so great, he said, 'I have always really admired the old stars in tennis. You know, Laver, Rosewall... and I've just tried to learn from them.'

Not many young adults today would admire and follow the example of someone older who could be their guide in any particular walk of life. Nowadays, the tendency is to think that we know what is best and older people are just that: old.

How on earth can they teach us anything?

If this way of thinking is dangerous as an approach to life in general, think about what it means on a spiritual level!

We are part of the Body of Christ. The Bible teaches that each one of us is an essential part of that body, thus we can all learn from each other.

We would be wise to learn from our elders and to appreciate what they have achieved. We will have to learn some lessons the hard way if we fail to take on board others' advice.

Samuel knew he had things to learn. So, from his early childhood, he lived in the temple with Eli . He was not ashamed of being young and serving God beside someone so much his senior.

Like Pete Sampras, he knew that a beginner could learn plenty from being with someone who had given all his life to that particular skill or discipline.

You might think that older people tell you a load of rubbish. In fact you might think your parents treat you like a five-year-old. Don't make a fuss.

The day will come when what they say will fall into place and you will know for yourself what they were on about. And then you will be behaving the same way towards your own kids.

Your parents and othes older than you are not perfect, but they can certainly give us a hand in many things that are beyond us. So listen. You won't find better friends, and time will tell just how much they've helped you.

The day will come when you will look back and say to yourself, 'Yes, I have come this far because I respected them ... and I've tried to learn from them.'




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