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The last second

Your time is running out, eternity is coming. Make the choice now.

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Bobby Fischer / [link] Bert Verhoeff[/link], Wikimedia commons.

In all sports time is an important factor. In most of them there's a limited time established for the game, in others there isn't.

Perhaps the game in which time is most important is Chess. A fixed number of moves have to be completed within a certain time. The atmosphere becomes frantic when only a few seconds are left on the clock and there are several moves to make.

One of the most intelligent chess players the world has ever seen, BOBBY FISCHER, invented a new clock to avoid those desperate moments when time is running out.

It's one of the common characteristics of sport that the last few minutes are the most exciting. It seems as though the rest of the game has no value. In the last seconds everyone wants to score the crucial points or the winning goal.

And it's hardly ever possible. It's very difficult to regain, in just a few seconds, what you have lost in the previous hour.

One day we will feel the same way about our lives. When we hear someone say, 'Your time is over,' we would quickly despair. We would start running around searching for a way to prolong our life, hoping for a few more minutes, a few more hours.

But it won't be possible, eventually our time will be finished. How will it be the day your life ends? Will it be a desperate day or a day of glory? Remember that you don't know when the clock of your life is going to stop.

When we take part in a game,we know at what moment end will arrive. But life is not simply a game; it is much more. One unexpected day the end will come and then we won't have a chance to do anything more.

Have you prepared for that day? In the bible we find a man who had everything: money, power, fame, glory, but he didn't know how to prepare for the end.

What would happen to you if you heard that phrase, 'God has numbered your days and brought them to an end'? Would you know what was about to happen next?

Because, in spite of everything, God says that your life is not coming to an end. You are going to remain conscious after death-forever! Where this will be depend entirely on the decisions you make on earth.

If you have believed in God you'll continue living for him for all eternity. If you have rejected him you'll live condemned for ever, without any possibility of changing your situation.

If that is what you have chosen, there's no other place. There's no other possibility. Your time is running out, eternity is coming. You make the choice - now.




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