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Total football

All of us are being moulded into the likeness of the character of Jesus, and the world will see in us that character if we work together.

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Dutch football coach Rinus Michels. / [link]TN[/link]

What is nowadays known as 'total football' was invented and put into practice by the Dutch team of the 70's and its coach RINUS MICHELS.

During that decade Holland was twice in the world cup finals, and AJAX of Amsterdam won the European Cup three times. Some of the tactics of the 'orange machine' (as the Dutch team was called because of the colour of their jersey) were:

1. Reducing the playing field of the opponent

2. Being in possession of the ball as much as possible

3. Playing always for the whole team. If even one failed, the whole team collapsed... but when the whole team played together, no-one could defeat them.

Our situation is very similar to that of this Dutch team. When we all co- operate, no-one can defeat us, but when we put ourselves first, we know what happens.

Sometimes it seems incredible that God put all the future of his work in our hands, when the only thing we do is argue! (We really know how to do that.)

But God knows very well what he is doing, and he has laid the foundations of the unity of his children in his own unity. God is one, although he manifests himself in three different persons: the doctrine of the Trinity is not only a doctrine; it's the real expression of the glorious manifestation of God as Father, as Jesus Christ the Son and as Holy Spirit.

God has placed all his children on the same level of collaboration in their life's work. All of us have been sent to preach the gospel of his love. All of us have been named ambassadors of the kingdom of God to reconcile the world to him.

All of us are being moulded into the likeness of the character of Jesus, and the world will see in us that character if we work together, one with another; if we make a 'total Christianity'.

Do you remember one of the team secrets? 'When the whole team played together, no one could defeat them'. But if everyone around you is making superhuman efforts on your behalf, and you are not participating, all the team is going to suffer.

You are important for God, and you cannot fail. One other thing: God's team, composed of all his children, and known as the Church, is permanent. It's better that you love your brothers and sisters; you are going to live with them FOR EVER. It would be better to sort things out before we get to heaven!

Many people depend on you: don't fail!




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