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Which is your god? To which god have you entrusted your life?

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Players of Argentina celebrating at Estadio Azteca. / [link] Unknown author [/link], Wikimedia Commons.

He was a great football player, but lots of people idolised him, as he was like a god. Especially after his participation with the Argentinian team in the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

We're talking about MARADONA, of whom some statues were made in his own country, a lot of people having them in their homes as if they were lucky charms.

The following year (1991), Maradona was involved in a drugs case for which he was suspended for two years.

People worship the gods they have made with their hands, even in the 21st century.

Which is your god? Don't tell me you don't have one!

And what would you think if I say that no one can live without an absolute being in their life?

We have an empty space inside us that only God can fill, and when he is not allowed to fill it, we look for substitutes to satisfy us.

It can seem absurd to think of gods made of stone or wood like those which existed in ancient times, but it seems we're not more intelligent than those people were. We continue worshipping gods that we've made with our own hands; shall I mention some of them?

1. Mechanical gods made of tin and screws. Thousands of machines that take away our time and our strength.

2. Scientific gods: some maintain that everything science says is true. We believe everything it says, even without real proof. It's what scientists say and that's enough. And science has become the 'bible' of the 21st century... but it often gets it wrong.

3. The gods and goddesses of pleasure: you can do everything as long as it gives you a good time. People live for pleasure. The only thing that interests them about a situation is whether it makes them feel good. Sex (misused) and violence are the best known gods in this category.

4. The money god: everyone goes for it. The love of money moves more people than anything else in the world. People lose all their strength in the pursuit of money. Losing friends or family does not matter, what is important is having more money.

5. The god of power: achieving political, economic, social power... to be someone, to be famous! How people worship this god!

6. Flesh and blood gods: religious leaders who deceive multitudes, sports stars, famous scientists, or politicians, music artists and film stars - all people with the same problems that we have, but they're being watched and worshiped by a lot of people.

Which is your god? To which god have you entrusted your life?




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