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Where is your heart?

Even the very best things can become like a nightmare when they completely govern our hearts.

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Pierre de Coubertin. / [link]Bain News Service[/link], Wikipedia.

September 2, 1937 is a date that brings sad memories for the Olympic movement.

It is the day that PIERRE DE COUBERTIN, the founder of, and fighter for, the modern-day Olympics, died.

He was buried in Switzerland, but his heart was taken to Olympia, as a symbol of his love for sport. Throughout his life his heart belonged to the Olympics.

Many people live on our planet, and ALL of them have their heart set on one thing or another. I'm not referring to the physical organ of course, but the motivation of your life.

From the richest land-owner to the most humble worker, we all live with our hearts set on something.

Say what we will, our heart belongs to that which we most desire. What dominates our minds is what dominates our lives; where our treasure is, there will our heart be also.

What is your treasure? I'm going to describe a few of the most common ones:

1. Fun and adventure

2. Music

3. Study

4. Sport

5. Money

6. Friends

7. Fame/power

8. Pleasure/sex

9. Knowledge

10. Violence

Most of these things are not wrong by themselves, though others may be, but the main problem starts when they become the most important thing for you.

Have any of these things started to claim your heart?

You could add many other situations to the list, including very good things, like your family, a just cause, service to others... even the very best things can become like a nightmare when they completely govern our hearts, our minds or our way of life.

Our heart is only secure in one place: in God Himself. If He is first in our lives everything else will take on its true significance.

And so we do have treasure, our true treasure is Jesus. Where is your heart?




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