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Flies and perfumes

Although flies are often very annoying, they are a blessing for the biosphere.

ZOE AUTOR 102/Antonio_Cruz 28 DE AGOSTO DE 2022 11:00 h
A fly. / Photo: Antonio Cruz.

Not all flies feed swarm around rubbish to feed on organic remains. Some prefer the aroma of flowers (as in this photograph) and they consume the nectar that they find in them, thus also contributing to the pollination of plants.

As there are many more species of flies (some 160,000) than of bees, they are more efficient as fertilisers. Although they are often very annoying, they are a blessing for the biosphere. But for the constant recycling of organic material that they carry out, life on our planet would be impossible. Ecological equilibrium depends on them – unpleasant as they are – and this is the role assigned to them by the Great Designer.

The people of Israel also held flies in contempt, as something inherently negative, just as we do today, and in some of the proverbs in the book of Ecclesiastes we read things like: “As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honour.” (Ecclesiastes 10 v 1). There is always a connection between the cause and the effect it produces. Just as the dead flies that fall into an expensive perfume ruin it and corrupt its fragrance, so our stupidity and our occasional crass comments or behaviour undermine our wisdom and personal honour. Hence the need always to reflect on our words and actions.




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