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Jaime Fernández

High price

How much do you value Jesus? How important is he to you? He gave all he had to be one of us. He was willing to die for you and me.

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John Gregory, former manager of Aston Villa./ Getty

JOHN GREGORY, former manager of Aston Villa, said one of those phrases worth remembering: "Forwards win matches, the defence wins championships."

Maybe this is one of the reasons why the transfer of international defenders are more expensive, like ALEX, who cost Chelsea many pounds. Now he is one of the best defenders in the world.

In ancient times the price of a slave was known: 30 coins. That is what was paid for a man of little worth. When Jesus was betrayed to be killed, they paid for him the price of a slave. They paid a "splendid" price, the price of a slave! How cruel can humanity be! To value Jesus at the minimum price!

However, he accepted this price for a simple reason: he was going to die in the place of all - even for the most miserable man or woman. Jesus paid on the cross the "price" of all our evil. Death is the penalty for our sin, therefore we should have had to die for our own fault. But Jesus did it in our place, because of his love for us, so that we may be free because he paid the price for our freedom. It was a very high price because the justice of God had to be fulfilled.

How much do you value Jesus? How important is he to you? He gave all he had, leaving heaven and his glory to become man, to be one of us. He was willing to die for you and me. He did not care about the insults he had to suffer - he was God himself! He did not care because he loves you.

What is the most important thing in your life? God should be the king of our being, WITH NO RIVAL... If we love something - our job, family, fun, studies, or even ourselves - more than him, our lives will be guided by the wrong steering wheel. Our love for God should be first in everything. TheLord Jesus has to be the first on our "list".

NOTHING can have more value than him. Nothing else should receive more of our energy, time, eagerness. Nothing can be compared to him. Many things can change in life, but there is one that can NEVER be moved: our love for God must be the first always, and the most important.




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