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Life - savers

Winning a soul is rescuing them from the worst enemy and introducing them to God.

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Wilma Rudolph and the US team at the Rome Olympics. / [link] Wikimedia Commons[/link], CCO.

Imagine that you are the 20th child in a family of 22. Imagine you are a girl who has her left leg paralysed, and your mother and your brothers massage the bottom of your leg because you can't walk; what kind of future do you think you have?

Do you believe that you could become an Olympic champion? This was exactly what happened to WILMA RUDOLPH.

She won the 100m and 200m races in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome.

We often comment that the desire to win is contagious. When you have a victorious person by your side, a person who is capable of fighting against all odds, you yourself are transformed into a winner.

Whatever the outcome, your mind is only focused on winning, and we are speaking of sports competitions.

What would you say is the most important victory that exists? God speaks to us about preparing to win souls, to be true life-savers.

Winning a soul is rescuing them from the worst enemy in existence, Satan, and introducing them to glory, the moment they get to know God.

To win a soul, you might tell them what God has done in your life, and offering them the possibility of this being real in their life too.

Winning a soul is making sense of the reason for your existence, it's a conquest that surpasses any other experience.

Look at the examples of many in the Bible, learn from their sensitivity to when to help someone in need and see the love of God in action.

Pay attention to the example of a man like Paul, who was capable of renouncing everything he had and who he was, in order to dedicate his life to win souls for Christ. God himself tells us that those who win souls are wise.

Most of the things we do do not have repercussions lasting longer than a few days. Winning souls is something that lasts for all eternity.

One day, we will know how many people found meaning to their life and now enjoy eternal life because of the fruit of our labour. On that day we will be happier than we have ever been.

On that day, we will experience the pleasure of hearing someone with tears of joy in their eyes say to us: “I thank God that he used you and because of that, I am here. You were my life saver”.




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