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Anyone who puts his faith in himself has a short future. One of the biggest dangers of our day for both men and women is pride.

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Pete Maverich

We live in a time when appearance is everything. PETE MARAVICH was the most gifted player that ever existed in the history of world basketball. His scoring averages were always higher than everyone else's.

Pete was able to invent, on the court, what had never been done before. To see him, some would be amused - he was not very tall, extremely thin and ungraceful – but it was impossible to defend him.

Sometimes appearances deceive us. Obviously, to be better looking, to be physically fit, or not to have an extra gram of fat, are not bad things in themselves, but these have almost become the 'gods' of our day.

There are people who spend great amounts of money trying to look younger, become more beautiful or handsome, or to build their bodies, yet they are completely empty on the inside.

In our society, people seem to only appreciate what is agreeable to look upon. We live in the time of "misses" and "misters". If your appearance is attractive, everyone likes you. If you haven't been favourably endowed, or you arrived last when they were giving out the 'faces,' not even your friends appreciate you.

Our society is cruel, because people judge our appearance. This is the secret of success of thousands of gyms around the world, and even more beauty clinics. It doesn't matter what someone is like, if his appearance is attractive... everything is fixed.

This way of looking at things is not as modern as many may think. Today we read the story of the son of a king who believed himself to be more handsome and intelligent than anyone else, and certainly more than his father!

And speaking of wisdom, you won't find anyone who was wiser than Absalom. At least - that is what he thought. You know how that story ended; one of his sources of beauty, his long hair, was what caused his death, by getting tangled in a tree. Anyone who puts his faith in himself has a short future. One of the biggest dangers of our day for both men and women is pride.

Many Christians live defeated lives because of this enemy; they talk only of themselves, their education, their work, what they do... even in their relationship with God - although that, of course, they do in a "humble" manner.

You can't speak two minutes with them before they begin reeling off everything that they are doing. And, of course, don't you dare to correct them in anything.

They do all things to perfection. They don't understand why other people have not realised that they are always right! They? Are you sure it is they?

A sure sign of pride is to apply every teaching we hear to other people and forget to apply it to ourselves. God warns us of the danger of trusting in our beauty (of whatever).




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