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Use your time wisely

God wants each one of us to accept him as Lord of our lives, since that is the only way our lives will have meaning.

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Hrb Elliot. / [link]Unknown author, Wikimedia Commons[/link].

It is said that the supreme test in the athletics races of the Olympic Games is the 1500 metre run. In Rome in 1960, Australian HERB ELLIOT was the winner.

He was famous for various reasons. He never lost an international race, but he had to retire at age 22 because he was treated with penicillin for an infection.

He could have been the star of that race for many years, but he didn't have the chance.

One of the most important things in sport is knowing how to use every minute of every game. Sometimes there are 90 minutes to a match, but sometimes not.

The coach may take you out of the game, or you might get hurt. Life is a great "match", and our minutes are numbered for us. We must use the time God has given us wisely.

We won't always be as strong as we are now. We won't always be on top physical or intellectual form. We won't always have the chances God gives us now.

How many days will we weep over lost opportunities? How many sad memories will be with us forever?  Right now we have strength, time, and energy; so now is when we should use our opportunities to do something of value.

God himself says that we must remember him while we are young. If we waste our time, energy and opportunities on useless or even destructive things, we act foolishly, and we'll be sorry some day!

God wants each one of us to accept him as Lord of our lives, since that is the only way our lives will have meaning. Don't throw away your time voluntarily, nor be a cowardly Christian.

Remember your creator while you are still young, and serve God while you still have the energy.




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