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Czech Christians united in prayer for Pentecost

Around 450 Christians from various denominations gathered in Prague to engage in prayers for the country at the National Day of Prayer.

FUENTES Život víry AUTOR 439/Katerina_Coufalova PRAGUE 12 DE JUNIO DE 2024 17:10 h
Around 450 Christians from various denominations gathered at Bethlehem Chapel for an event called the National Day of Prayer in Prague. / Photo: Robert Benicek.

On Pentecost Sunday (May 19), around 450 Christians from various denominations gathered at Bethlehem Chapel for an event called the National Day of Prayer  in Prague, Czech Republic.

It was historically significant, as the place where Jan Hus, a key figure in the early Reformation, preached in the beginning of 15th century. This chapel has already hosted similar events several times before.

The purpose of the gathering was to engage in collective prayers for the country and to await the Holy Spirit.

The three-hour assembly featured worship led by Alžběta Barošová (Roman Catholic Church), with musicians from both Catholic and Protestant churches.


Unity, connection, and mutual respect

The meeting was divided into three parts. In the first part, David Kafka (Apostolic Church / Assemblies of God) and Jiří Rauchfuss (Apostolic Church) led the attendees towards unity, connection, and mutual respect, referencing Jesus' words about gathering His children like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.

[photo_footer] Photo: Robert Benicek [/photo_footer] 

“The small groups, in which we prayed for one another and blessed each other, served this purpose well”, said David Loula from the “Czech Wells” ministry (České studny), the initiator of the event and a member of the organizing team.

Next, Jakub Sadílek, the Provincial of the Franciscans, Sister Dominika Konečná, and Marcela Bradová (Apostolic Church) prayed and blessed the countries experiencing tension or conflicts, asking for reconciliation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.


Repentance and intercessory confession

In the second part, Pavla Markupová (Christian Fellowship), David Loula, and Petr Šimmer (Evangelical Free Church) led prayers of repentance and intercessory confession of our national sins.

Participants once again divided into groups, collectively asking for the grace of forgiveness for the Czech nation.

[photo_footer] Photo: Robert Benicek [/photo_footer] 


Evangelistic projects

The third part was led by Petr Kácha (Christian Fellowship). He invited five representatives of evangelistic projects onto the stage to briefly present their ministries and then prayed for blessings on the sharing of the gospel in our country.

At the end of the event, representatives of pastors and priests blessed the Czech nation from the stage.


“This year meeting was even more powerful than last year”

“This year meeting was even more powerful than last year, although there were slightly fewer people. I felt a great stirring during the prayers”, reflected Loula, noting that “it was strong and moving to see Christians living in mutual forgiveness and love, united in prayer for the whole country”.

Loula added, “Who could have imagined a few years ago that Protestant sisters and nuns would dance together on stage in Bethlehem Chapel in harmony and joy? Tears of gratitude flowed”, emphasizing the value of Christians being able to live in mutual forgiveness and united prayer for our country.


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