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Equipping Christians ahead of UK election

The UK Evangelical Alliance, the Church of England and Christian charity CARE, release several resources to help Christians engage with the coming election.

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Photo: [link]Red Dot[/link], Unsplash, CC0.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, recently announced in a statement outside Downing Street that the next general election in the country will take place on 4 July.

In response to that announcement, the UK Evangelical Alliance (EAUK) is resourcing churches and Christians across the UK to respond in a way that places their faith in Jesus at the centre of their political engagement, they explain in its website.

“This election is a chance for evangelicals to demonstrate the good news of Jesus as they prayerfully consider how to engage”, said Danny Webster, director of advocacy of the EAUK.

In order to do that, the EAUK proposes three key areas of focus during this election campaign, and is producing a number of resources including special episodes of its podcast and features from member organisations engaged in particular policy areas.

First, they ask evangelicals to “pray for our politicians, our political systems and all those who seek to exercise authority”.

Second, the EAUK calls them “to think about what your faith has to say about key issues facing the UK and our world”.

Finally, the evangelical entity reminds voters that “election is a chance to build relationships in communities across our nations. And an opportunity for churches to demonstrate the good news to politicians through their words and actions and demonstrate the vital place for Christianity in our public life”.

“This is a time to prayerfully consider how politics and our engagement can be part of our witness to Him and His kingdom we are praying will come”, underlined Gavin Calver, CEO of the Evangelical Alliance.


Thinking faithfully about politics

In addition to all those resources, the organisation recently released Thinking faithfully about politics, a survey of nearly 1,400 evangelicals in the UK, which shows a high appetite for engagement in politics, diverse opinions and priorities, and frustration at how the political system operates.

The report also set out that policies which support those most in need topped the list of factors influencing how they vote.


Church of England prayer campaign

The Church of England has also launched a campaign called #PrayYourPart, encouraging people to get involved in the coming elections.

It includes a set of daily reflections written by Church of England bishops and drawing from the Bible, which will be available in a booklet, app and audio form, as well as through social media and emails.

According to Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrel, “the coming general election is a critical moment in the life of our nation, which will shape our future by electing those who will make decisions”.

“We are facing epic challenges both in our country and our world: from questions of war and peace, to poverty and injustice, so that "it is a time for us all, people of all faiths and of none, to ask important questions about what kind of country we want to be”, they said.

The Archbishops appealed for an electoral campaign marked by “respect”, “good grace” and “a commitment to truth and integrity”, and urged voters to turn to God in prayer.

“It is our prayer that, even in the heat of the debate, we will treat each other with respect and kindness. And we give thanks for the dedication of all who stand for public office in service of our communities – often at great personal cost - and those who support the process”, concluded Welby and Cottrel.


CARE: Helping Christians engage with the elections

Meanwhile, Christian charity CARE has released a website to help Christians engage with the elections and think through their policy priorities.

The website has many resources, such as a blog, a podcast, a prayer journal, policy primers and interviews with Christian MPs Miriam Cates, Stephen Timms and Tim Farron.

“Over the next six weeks, the political parties will be setting out their key election messages and publishing their manifestos, that is a huge opportunity for Christians to be salt and light by engaging with this election”, said CARE CEO Ross Hendry.

He encouraged Christians to “pray that God raises up new Christian MPs who will be salt and light across Westminster”.


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