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Refresh Festival: faith, music and bbq

This was the sixth edition of the youth event in Poland, in which over 3,500 people have already participated so far.

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A plenary during the festival. / Refresh festival.

From August 12 to 15, the sixth edition of the Refresh youth festival was held at the premises of the Christian Baptist church in Warsaw, Poland.

This year there were six lectures delivered by four speakers, concerts, the Freshstage and a large number of workshops for participants to choose from.

All the speakers had a common theme ('The Radicals'), inspired by the Sermon on the Mount preached by Jesus and recorded in Matthew chapters 5 to 7.

The morning lectures were given by Jonasz Małkiewicz, while the evening lectures were delivered by pastors Łukasz Woźniak, Samuel Skrzypkowski and Remigiusz Neumann.

[photo_footer] Worship time at Refresh festival. / Refresh festival [/photo_footer] 

As in previous years, there was a discussion panel and a worship concert. Every morning, participants could join th so-Inspirations.


Workshops, art and food

Eighteen workshops about very different topics were on offer, such as: sharing the gospel, the spirituality of generation Z, fasting and prayer, forgiveness, studying the Bible, loneliness, church singing, and radical intimacy, among others.

[photo_footer]12 workshops were held on Sunday and Monday. / Refresh Festival [/photo_footer] 

Futhermore, every day various organizations presented their work on the patio by the main chapel. This year's attraction was the grill, operated by the pastor of KCHB baptist chuch, the rector of WBST theological seminary, and the main organizer of the festival, Rafał Dziarski. A cafe was also opened outside the main plenary hall.

New this year was the alternative tent, a space for people whose passion is arts. In the late evening hours, those who still had energy could go listen to the music by DJ Nopee.

[photo_footer]This year's attraction was the grill. / Refresh Festival [/photo_footer] 


Bands competition

Music is an important part of the festival, with the participation of many bands in the competition that took place at the Freshstage.

People voted for them on Facebook, three of them passed to the final and perfomed in an hour-long concert. Tosia Kocińska won this year.

[photo_footer]A cafe was opened outside the main plenary hall. / Refresh festival [/photo_footer] 


3,500 people in 6 years

According to the organisers, over 3,500 people have participanted in the festival over the last six years. They have listened to 12 concerts, 16 plenary lectures and almost 80 different workshops by around 60 speakers.

All plenary sessions, concerts, as well as the worship evenings are available on the social media of the festival.

[photo_footer]Over 3,500 people have participanted in the festival over the last six years. / Refresh festival [/photo_footer] 




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