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“We rescue stories from older people about how God has worked in Spain, that would otherwise be lost”

After their documentary ‘Lume’, Sara Pesquera and Lidia Rodilla have launched a podcast that continues to explore the revolutionary history of Spanish Protestantism.

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Carme Gili with Sara Pesquera in one of the episodes of the second season of ‘Revolutionary minds’. / [link]Ochodoce Produccioness[/link].

After releasing the documentary Lume, about the history of Protestantism in the Spanish province of Segovia, Sara Pesquera and Lidia Rodilla have launched the podcast Revolutionary minds, with unknown stories of the Spanish Protestantism.

Already in the second season, they aim “to rescue powerful stories from older people about how God has worked in Spain, that would otherwise be lost”, Pesquera says in an interview with Spanish news website Protestante Digital, .


Unknown worthy stories

Those stories “are not written down and are not among the best known within the evangelical sphere in Spain […] We think that interviewing older people to share their testimony can be of great worth”, she adds.

“Much is known about some famous names who, even after death, are well known. But we do not know about a lady who lives in isolation and has done a ton of things in her life”, underlines Rodilla.

She points out that many people came to them saying they wanted to tell their testimonies and, “in our desire to continue giving voice to all those voices, we saw that the podcast was the best way to do it”.

For Rodilla, “every story has something unique to admire, because it has to do with the fact that the person involved experienced that situation to defend his or her faith”.

[photo_footer]   Lidia Rodilla and Sara Pesquera on a shoot. / Ochodoce Produciones. [/photo_footer] 


Spreading the history of Spanish Protestantism

Pesquera explains that the podcast “is about history, people, and revolutionary minds that have an impact. That impact does not have to be global, because sometimes the difference is made in our own small circle”.

The goal of their production company Ochodoce Producciones (Eight-Twelve Productions) is “to bring forgotten stories to light and to spread history […] the history of Protestantism is very interesting, varied and unknown, so this gives us permission to rescue historical figures and bring to light other times”, says the Christian filmmaker.

According to Pesquera, “it takes a lot of time, money and resources to carry out big projects, but with a podcast we can do this on an ongoing basis as a ministry that is constantly producing something”.


‘Revolutionary minds’

After discarding several names for the podcast, they decided to call it Revolutionary minds.

Pesquera recalls that the name “came about when we were doing a podcast about Casiodoro de Reina and we were thinking about curious people who think and believe in a different way, such as evangelicals in the context of a Catholic Spain, who broke away from the mainstream”.

“We also thought that our target audience, if they are not evangelicals, are attracted by the idea of dissidence”, she adds.

“Revolution evokes the new, fresh air. That's why we always start the podcast talking about people who revolutionised the world, or at least their world”, points out Rodilla.

Pesquera agrees that “an evangelical faith, in the midst of a national Catholic faith, was fresh air. And Protestants, in the eyes of that Spain, were revolutionaries, rebels and heretics”.

[photo_footer] Ochodoce Produciones. [/photo_footer] 


Fundraising and future projects

Both Christian filmmakers work part-time, renouncing to a full-time job “to keep this project going, as we need time for recording trips and flexibility”.

That is why they “would love to create a regular support network to work on it exclusively. We put the microphone and make a nice frame, but the project of getting these testimonies back is something that belongs to all of us”.

There is a section on their website where they explain how to financially support the project, from small, one-off donations to hiring them for a project.

Their next project is another documentary on the history of Protestantism, but from a different time than Lume. “For this we have to find out which doors God opens”, they say.

They are now also collaborating with other organisations, making videos for them and with them. “The idea is to continue joining forces with other entities that need an audiovisual product and with which we can collaborate”, concludes Pesquera.


[title]One more year[/title]


[text]At Evangelical Focus, we have a sustainability challenge ahead. We invite you to join those across Europe and beyond who are committed with our mission. Together, we will ensure the continuity of Evangelical Focus and Protestante Digital (Spanish) in 2024.

Learn all about our #OneMoreYearEF campaign here (English).





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