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Top 2020: Our most read stories

Evangelical Focus experienced its best year with a +24% increase in visits. Over 200 articles addressed the Covid-19 crisis from a European and Christian perspective.

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The story about the baptism of Brazilian football player Firmino was the most read news article of the year. / Photo: [link]Instagram Roberto Firmino[/link].

2020 has been an intense and challenging year for the Evangelical Focus team. But from a journalistic point of view, it has been very fruitful.

The Covid-19 crisis exploded at the end of the first trimester and totally dominated the rest of the year. A look at our 216 news and analysis articles addressing the pandemic is an interesting exercise of seeing how we – just as everyone else – only gradually discovered the real impact of the crisis on society and church as the weeks went by.

Online work has been a main characteristic since we launched Evangelical Focus in 2015. This meant that we did not have to slow down the information coverage when the coronavirus started to spread across Europe.

Other current issues we followed closely this year include the struggle for freedom in Belarus, the accelerated technological changes, the new challenges in mission, and key socio-political shifts in other parts of the world.

A re-design of our website also happened this year.

The number of visits to Evangelical Focus exceeded those of 2019 (our best year), with a further increase of 24%. Definitive statistics of 2020 will be shared with our readers in January.

These are the most read articles of the year...


Most read news stories of 2020

5. RZIM to investigate the allegations against its founder “to the fullest extent possible”. Read this story.

4. A Baptist church service in Frankfurt leads to over 100 Covid-19 infections. Read this story.

3. Swiss Airlines breaks contract with evangelical chocolatier after pressure of LGBT groups. Read this story.

[photo_footer]  Photo: Jacopo Vismara, Wikipedia, CC-A-SA 4.0 [/photo_footer] 

2. Pope Francis joins Muslim and Jewish leaders in united day of prayer to “the All-Creator”. Read this story.

1. Footballer Firmino, baptised: “My biggest title is your love, Jesus”. Read this story.


Most read opinion articles of 2020

5. Leading Sikhs to the ‘ultimate guru’, by Sadiri ‘Joy’ Tira. Read this article.

4. A Psalm in the epidemic: trust overcomes fear, by Pablo Martínez. Read this article.

3. When Lucifer became Satan, by José Hutter. Read this article.

[photo_footer] Whatsapp message in Spanish of the probably fake conversion testimony of an Italian medical doctor. [/photo_footer] 

2. Christian fake news? The story of the atheist doctor in Lombardy, by Joel Forster. Read this article.

1. A historical unity in Italy and an appeal to the global evangelical community, by Klay Cannard. Read this article.


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We wish all of our readers God’s blessing in 2021!




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