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Don’t trust the algorithm

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At Evangelical Focus we update social media every day, and we like it. Our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and Youtube profiles are there for you to use.

Whether it’s a video interview with an AI expert, news about laws in the European Union, or the latest opinion from our columnists, we post it all on social media.

But as many of our readers will know, being on social media is no guarantee that the contents you’re hoping to see will reach you. In fact, we know from our data that up to 90% of our Facebook followers are not shown much of our news. 

It is the famous algorithm that, with interests that have nothing to do with the producers of news (i.e. us), viralise or hide content based on the changing commercial criteria of the social media platforms.

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What can you do to avoid intermittent communication?

Receive our Evangelical Focus news directly, every day or once a week, per email. This jumps over the filter of social media and allows us to be in direct contact with you. If you’re in Europe, our selection of news will land in your inbox ever morning.

If that sounds interesting, subscribe to our free newsletter and join the 1,000 who already make up the Evangelical Focus community!





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