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Talmatha discipleship initiative

Talmatha is a discipleship program to reach out to the Arab people in the Middle East and North Africa with sound and profound biblical teaching.

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Arabic-speaking people are finding the episodes of Talmatha helpful in their daily growth in their new faith. / Photo: Nikolay Hristov.

The Middle East continues to be one of the most unstable parts of the world.

God has put TWR (Trans World Radio) in the right place at the right time to minister to people who need to hear the message of hope.

Isolation is a reality for Christians and seekers in many parts of the Arab world. Who can they turn to with their questions? How can they grow more deeply in faith? Does anyone even care and take doubts and concerns seriously?

Talmatha is a discipleship program whose goal is to reach out to the Arab people in the regions of the Middle East and North Africa, both Christians and non-Christians, with sound and profound biblical teaching that can lead non-believers to Christ, and help new believers grow in their knowledge of Christ and their journey of faith.

Through this program, TWR seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reach and teach believers from a non-Christian background with the Word of God

  • Disciple “newborn” believers so they grow and mature as children of God and eventually self-sustain their growth

  • Provide a full manual of the material which complements the radio program and enables consistent discipleship.

The need for the Talmatha program was envisioned as a result of receiving many inquiries, requests, and questions from our “newborn” listeners throughout the years, telling us of their pressing need for a program that disciples and teaches them the Word of God.

Those listeners were deprived of going to church or having a Bible due to their countries' religious and political restrictions.

Believing in the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19 to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” and realizing the importance to fulfill our listeners’ needs, Talmatha was born with God’s glory and the people’s spiritual nourishment in mind.

Talmatha has been airing from two powerful medium wave (MW) transmitters that are strategically located in the area and are well received among the Arab people: in the direction of the Middle East and covering the region of North Africa.

The program is comprised of 390 episodes with each being 30 minutes long and being aired four days a week. It is important to note that Talmatha is accompanied by a full manual to enable consistent discipleship.

The written material includes manuals for group leaders (three series of four books each) that are offered to small groups as well as for private study.

[photo_footer]We pray that Talmatha would keep reaching those who are ready to be discipled and dependent on the Word of God. / Photo: Aaron Burden [/photo_footer] 

These are also available on the internet. Within the first two weeks, forty-four people enrolled to start weekly discipleship lessons from the Talmatha program.

As for its Arabic website, it will engage the users by seeking their feedback and their areas of interest, providing them with audio programs as well as scripts and ensuring that a bridge is built that helps both non-believers to find their way to Christ, and believers to grow in their faith.

Talmatha has been such a ray of light and hope for Christians and non-Christian seekers alike and it is the strong desire of the Arabic Ministry team to continue serving their people with the tools that God has provided them with.

Also, the material is available in English here.


Listener responses

“You came as an answer to my prayers! I’m a Christian from a non-Christian background, and I was praying for a long time to know how or find a way to be discipled remotely and study the Word of God through a trusted source! I’m thankful for you reaching out to me and sending me the Talmatha lessons. Please do count me in! Bless your efforts in serving Jesus”. MARIAM

“Receiving your email to offer me Talmatha lessons is a divine appointment because I know my faith is weak and the Talmatha program is powerful, although I’ve just listened to a few episodes! I’m excited to be enrolled in your discipleship!” JAMAL

“As if the Lord sent you to me at the right time, because I need to grow in my faith and the Word of God. I am in North Africa, and I have no one to rely on to disciple me. Bless you”. ADAMA

“I have come to Jesus through you, and I believe it is time for me to get deeper into my relationship with the Lord through the Talmatha lessons. I’m in! May you be blessed”. MOHAMMED

“You need to know that we will be seven people ready to receive the lessons of Talmatha on a weekly basis, and we will try to study them. If we have questions, we will be sending them to you directly! Thank you”. HUSSEIN

Becky C. Matthews has served as a volunteer writer and editor for TWR Europe and CAMENA since 2013.




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